Marina Cvetic
The only thing you need to know about wine, according to Marina Cvetic

Italian vintner Marina Cvetic spills about the real secret to pairing wine with food, the unique challenges of growing in the Abruzzo region and how women are changing the wine industry.

Tamales being made
How to roll tamales

Your grandma’s been letting you believe a lie all these years. Rolling tamales isn’t hard at all. This step-by-step guide will have you rolling with the best of them in no time. (First paragraph rewritten by another writer during cyclical refresh process.)

Shondaland just scored big, buying the rights to Luvvie Ajayi’s book

The inimitable Luvvie Ajayi is bringing her new book, I’m Judging You, to the small screen courtesy of Shonda Rhimes. Never heard of her? We’ve got all the details.

Asiago shrimp and grits
Shrimp with Asiago grits

There aren't many Southern dishes as comforting as a big bowl of cheesy grits. In Louisiana, they skip the traditional cheddar in favor of a cheese that reflects their Italian heritage and serve it with fresh-caught shrimp.

Jackson Galaxy
Here kitty, kitty: Should you tame a feral cat?

Find out what Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell star Jackson Galaxy thinks about the controversial trend of attempting to domesticate feral cats.

Open kitchen cabinets
Kitchen trend: 15 Open cabinet designs that will make you want to remodel

These trendy open cabinet designs will inspire your next remodel regardless of your design aesthetic.

Baileys cocktails
We Are Totally Drinking These Baileys Cocktails for Dessert

Irish cream cocktails are a perfect finish to any meal. Find your new favorite now or try them all.(Recipes on pages 1 and 2 added by another writer during cyclical refresh process.).

Alien brain hemorrhage
The alien brain hemorrhage is your creepiest Halloween cocktail

The gruesome-but-tasty alien brain hemorrhage cocktail has to be seen to be believed. That’s why we made this spectacular cinemagraph GIF (oh, and gave you the recipe). You’re welcome.

Window pane potatoes
Windowpane herb potato snacks

These elegant windowpane herb potato snacks are ready for their close-up — or your next cocktail party. Get the recipe.

Michael Symon
Interview: Chef Michael Symon talks Iron Chef and Eva Longoria

SheKnows grilled celebrity chef Michael Symon to get the skinny on Iron Chef, The Chew, Greek cooking and Eva Longoria.

BBQ gifts and gadgets
Barbecue season gifts & gadgets

Who says grilling gifts and gadgets are just for dad? We rounded up all the best grilling gear for the she-griller in your life.

Mardi Gras recipes
From King Cake to Gumbo, the Mardi Gras Recipes That Are Worth Trying This Year

Celebrate Mardi Gras at home with some festive foods, good friends and spirited cocktails.

Rescued lab hero
You’ll love how this rescued Lab cheated death and became a hero

Get the tissue. It’s time for the rags-to-riches story of Henry, the adorable face of Fort Worth Animal Services, and his human, Brandon Bennett.

Boozy chamoy snow cones
Boozy chamoy snow cones: Fire, ice and pucker

This traditional Mexican condiment is made from fruits like apricot or mango and spiced with chilies. Sure, you can dip fruit in it, but the grown-up flavors make for a very adult spiked snow cone you’ll never forget. Get the recipe.

Baker's guide to flour
A Baker’s Guide to Every Type of Flour

Are you using the right flour for your baked goods? It does matter, and it’s all about the protein content. This handy infographic will walk you through everything you need to know about all the major flour types and what they’re used for, from low-protein cake flour to protein powerhouse rye.

How to make a lightbulb vase

Repurpose old incandescent lightbulbs by turning those energy-suckers into an elegant way to enjoy the beauty of nature right in your own home.

Angie Hill
How a top-level exec at Microsoft succeeds working from home

Microsoft executive Angie Hill explains what it’s like working remotely as a high-level executive for one of the most well-known organizations worldwide.

Dublin coddle
Dublin coddle

Need a quick and easy weeknight meal? Try this one-pot Irish comfort food of sausage, onions, carrots and herbs. Get the recipe.

Baking fat smackdown
The baking fat smackdown: Which ones you should use for what recipes

Explore the science of baking fat and learn when to use common types, such as butter, vegetable oil, lard and more.

Allison Robicelli
Your Cakes Will Be Magical With These Simple Tips for Buttercream Frosting

Allison Robicelli, coauthor of Robicelli’s: A Love Story, with Cupcakes, shares her choicest tips for the most beautiful cupcakes and tastiest buttercream frosting.

Stylish apron roundup
16 Stylish aprons to make you the hottest thing in the kitchen

These stylish aprons are so cute you could almost (almost) wear them by themselves.

Star Wars kitchen gadgets
Use these Star Wars kitchen gadgets, and the Force will be with you

Find the Star Wars-themed kitchen gadgets any food nerd will want, even if they don’t need it.

Deboning a chicken
How to debone a chicken

Follow these step-by-step instructions and tips to save money at the grocery store by learning to debone your own chicken.

Mustang grape jelly
You haven’t lived until you’ve made your own grape jelly

We dare you to try this recreation of Texas farmer Lorri Story’s recipe for homemade jelly made from sweet-tart mustang grapes. Get the recipe. (Original photograph for SheKnows. Recipe courtesy of Lorri Story.)

How to soften butter
How to Soften Butter Quickly (Without a Microwave)

Don’t want to wait an hour to bake those cookies? Find out how to soften butter in a flash without risking the dreaded microwave melt.

Italian nachos
Italian nachos for football season

Why serve boring fake cheese sauce-covered nachos on Super Bowl Sunday when you can impress with this Italian version? Get the recipe.

24 Essential Cooking & Baking Skills Your Teen Should Know

Teach your kids these cooking and baking skills now so they’ll be prepared for the real world, whether that involves college, a gap year or heading straight into the workforce.

Mexican street corn

Perfect for grilling season, Mexican street corn has a kick of flavor thanks to a smear of simple cotija cheese aioli and a generous kick of citrus and chili powder.

Groomer tips
14 tips that will help protect your pup from abuse at the groomer

A California groomer was arrested for animal cruelty. Follow these practical tips to keep your pet safe at the groomer's.

Cranberry cosmpolitan
Fresh cranberry cosmopolitan

It's cranberry season, and that means it's time to take your cosmo to the next level by mixing it with your own handmade cranberry granita. Get the recipe.

Best chili
How to Make the Best Chili — Because It’s That Time of Year

Everything you need to know to make the best chili you’ve ever eaten. (First paragraph rewritten by another writer during cyclical refresh process.)

Oatmeal and jelly bean cookies
Oatmeal and jelly bean cookies

These slice-and-bake oatmeal cookies are perfect for Easter, but you probably won't stop making them all year. The key to making these tasty treats come out the way you want them is choosing the perfect jelly bean. Get the recipe.

The only guacamole recipe you’ll ever need

The foodie world nearly exploded when Chipotle announced its recipe for guacamole was now freely available online, but is it really the best recipe there is? Those who’ve tried former first lady Laura Bush’s recipe beg to differ. Get the recipe.

12 Drinks of Christmas
12 Drinks of Christmas

A series of festive drink recipes inspired by the traditional Christmas song. The nearly two weekslong cocktail celebration includes a Pink Lady, an apple-cinnamon hot toddie, eggnog, a rye-an-cream coffee and a spicy chocolate martini, just to name a few. Get the recipes.

Healthy fries recipes
12 Healthy Fry Recipes to Make at Home

Bloggers from around the web go head-to-head in a roundup of the best better-for-you french fry recipes.Get them now.

Chef Franson Nwaeze: How a Nigerian pilot became one of DFW's most celebrated (and probably only) gas station chefs

A profile of Franson Nwaeze, chef-owner of Chef Point restaurant written as part of a food-writing class I took in 2015 to be published on my blog when it’s up and running.

Saki cucumber shots
Saki cucumber shots

When are you going to make these fun-but-elegant Jell-O shots pretty enough to serve at a wedding? Get the recipe.

Easter-colored deviled eggs
Easter-colored deviled eggs

No matter how beautiful your Easter eggs turn out, they're all still plain Jane on the inside… until now. These colorful deviled eggs prove you can't judge an egg by its shell. Get the recipe.

Dog treats
Spoil Your Older Dog With These Homemade Soft Dog Treats

Homemade soft-chew dog treats let your elderly fur-baby in on the snack-tion. And they're easy enough for kids to make (and safe for them to eat, so even the littlest kids can help). Get the recipe

Dry rub recipes
10 Dry Rub Recipes That’ll Truly Up Your BBQ Game

Pick your protein, then download this infographic of easy-to-make dry rub recipes you can use on beef, poultry, fish and even vegan proteins like tofu.

Morphing martini
Morphing martini recipe

Make your annual Halloween bash the best one yet with this mesmerizing martini. Not only does it change colors from blue to fuchsia (and back again), it lets off a spooky waft of white vapor. Double, double, toil and trouble! Get the recipe

Chicken dumpling soup
Chicken & dumpling soup for dumpling haters

It’s the ultimate comfort food, but a lot of people, especially kiddos, get turned off quickly when the dumplings are fat and gummy. This Asian-inspired solution gives you a foolproof tureen of tantalizing soup every time. Get the recipe

Blue cheese mashed potatoes
Roasted garlic and Irish blue cheese mashed potatoes

These Irish-style mashed potatoes incorporate Irish Cashel blue cheese for a creamy, tangy side to any cut of meat this St. Patrick's Day or any time of year. Get the recipe

Stress-free Christmas cooking hints
Hints for stress-free Christmas cooking

Cooking for the holidays doesn't have to raise your blood pressure. Learn from my experience (and my failures) to cook a Christmas feast without losing your mind.

Chipotle-pomegranate wings
Slow cooker wings with chipotle-pomegranate sauce

This fun wing recipe gets its sweet nature from pomegranate, but be careful. The chipotle makes it just a bit sassy with a hint of heat. Get the recipe

Fabio Viviani
Top Chef alum Fabio Viviani talks new ventures

Find out what former Top Chef contestant Fabio Viviani is up to now — and what common ingredient he “hates with all [his] heart.”

Snack mix
The Grinch who stole snack mix recipe

While a particular cereal company has snack mix you can buy in bags, it's always tastier (and less preservative-filled) homemade. You and your kids can whip up this spicy version in less than half an hour. Get the recipe.

Your Complete Guide to Mexican Herbs and Spices

Getting the right kick to your Mexican food goes way beyond chili powder, cayenne pepper and cumin. Find out what other popular Mexican spices you've been missing out on all these years.

Chilled poblano soup
Chilled poblano soup

San Antonio restaurant Liberty Bar's chilled poblano soup was so popular, they gave the recipe to the world. Our vegetarian version is just as creamy and delicious as the original. Get the recipe.

12 Hacks for Getting Your Cheese Fix — the Healthy Way

With these simple hacks, cheese can be a part of a diet you don’t feel guilty about.

Rosemary-infused vodka
Rosemary-infused vodka

The warm, almost minty smell of rosemary brings new life to your boring vodka. You can use it for bloody marys, vodka tonics, vodka martinis and more. Get the recipe.

Chicken and cheese jalapeños
Baked chicken jalapeño poppers

Jalapeño poppers are a popular party snack, but ugh... the calories! This baked version cuts the fat and subs lean chicken and lower-fat cheese in place of traditional high-calorie cheese. Get the recipe.

How to make your own bitters like the hot mixologist you know you are

If bitters aren’t already on your radar, it’s time to change that. These simple flavorings can add a layer of complexity or a pop of flavor, and they couldn’t be simpler to make once you understand how they’re put together.

Caramel apple slices
Easy caramel apple slices

The kids (and adults with dental work) will devour these caramel apple slices faster than you can make them. Get the recipe.

Brazilian bananas
Brazilian-style fried bananas are all gooey sweetness and so, so easy

Even if you can’t go to the Rio Olympic games, Rio can come to you in the form of game-watching snacks, and we’ve got the perfect thing: Brazilian-style fried bananas, all gooey and golden with caramelized sugars. Get the recipe.

Peanut butter popcorn
Bye week peanut butter popcorn

Give your favorite football fan a sweet treat to help them deal with their favorite team's bye week. This delicious snack, sweetened with brown sugar, will make their day (and yours) a little brighter. The kids will love it too. Get the recipe.

Buying new cookware
Don’t Buy New Cookware Until You Know All the Details About Each Kind First

Purchasing the wrong kind of cookware for you kitchen habits and cooking style can end in disaster — and tears. Before you buy, read this handy guide.

WWDC live event
8 Things we wish Apple would have announced at the WWDC

Did you get your wish after Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference? Neither did a lot of people, and we’ve got the scoop on how Apple can curb the fangirls’ appetites.

Merle Norman TV Spot

This ad was a spec written during an ad writing test prior to being hired at McLaughlin Advertising.

Haunted house
Can buying a house that’s haunted save you money?

That house in the perfect neighborhood is said to be haunted, but you ain’t afraid of no ghost. And then you wonder… could you save some cash since everyone else is nervous to buy?

AFIP auditing ads
AFIP Auditing Services Ads

A series of ads created for AFIP Auditing Services, a joint venture between the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals, gvo3 & Associates and Hudson Cook.

Legal Writing

A small collection of SEO-optimized writing samples for a popular Maryland attorney's blog (more are available upon request).

Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3

Cason's Pawn TV Spot

Client wanted a cutesy commercial to star his kid. After some questions about what types of customers frequently come in and what they’re looking for, this is the direction we chose.

broken chocolate pieces
The Ultimate Chocolate & Wine Tasting with Godiva

Yes, you can pair chocolate and wine. And Godiva's got the ultimate tasting guide.

20 Modern Casserole Recipes That Don’t Involve Canned Soup

From modern soup-free delights to revamped versions of your favorite canned soup standards, these contemporary casserole recipes will delight your family on any given weeknight — with no canned soup in sight.

Operation Sweet 16 logo
Press Release: DFW-Area Teen Raises Over $16,000 for American Troops

A press release announcing the highly successful conclusion of Operation Sweet 16, Tori Pimentel’s campaign to raise $16K to donate to charities serving active-duty and veteran military personnel by her 16th birthday in lieu of her Sweet 16.

Halfmann’s Cake Cottage TV Spot

Popular San Angelo bakery Halfmann's wanted to remind both regulars and new customers they do more than just birthdays, showers and wedding cakes.

marriage certificate cut in half
Legal Writing

A small collection of SEO-optimized writing samples for a popular Florida attorney's blog (more are available upon request).

Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3

Laptop open on table
How Apple (maybe) plans to take over your home… and why you’ll love it

Smart appliances were created by man. They rebelled. They evolved. There are many copies. And they have a plan… to automate your home (well, hopefully).

dessert cookbooks
19 Best Cookbooks for People Who Love Dessert

These cookbooks feature cupcakes made with love (but no food coloring), gorgeous photography and soul-feeding stories — because that’s everything dessert is and should be.

Grapevine Mills mall
Family Fun Guide To Grapevine Mills

A guide to the fun and family-friendly stores and activities to waste a lazy Saturday with the little ones at Grapevine Mills Mall (and hopefully get some covert shopping done without your kiddo’s realizing they’re running errands).

AFIP Industry Member brochure
AFIP Industry Member Brochure

A brochure announcing the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals’ upgraded offerings to corporate members for 2007.

Western Sky Steak House Spot

Needless to say, steakhouses can be a competitive market, even in smaller Texas towns. Western Sky was looking to position itself as a more casual (aka, non-fussy) weeknight family location.

presurgery and post sugery ear comparison
Otoplasty brochure

Created for sale to cosmetic surgeons, this informational copy was for a white label brochure that could be customized for each surgical center. This is not sales copy, but an outline of what interested patients need to know before they decide on the procedure.

Thrilling Adventure Awaits At Six Flags Over Texas

A quick guide to the can’t-miss roller coasters at Six Flags Over Texas (in 2011).

Girl at car dealership
The savvy girl’s guide to vehicle financing

This primer demystifies the car-buying process to give you the power to negotiate a killer deal.

sleeping cat
One-week career detox to get you back on track

Are you feeling unproductive at work? Like everything’s just piled up so high you can’t dig out? Stop and breathe. This five-day plan will get you back on track to just getting things done.

dealer handing keys to customer graphic
Automotive News Red Flags Rule Webinar Email Blast

An email newsletter sent to a major automotive finance industry publication’s subscribers for a webinar on an important new regulation affecting dealerships.

15 Savory Casseroles That Make Perfect Busy Weeknight Meals

We went on the hunt for a trove of tasty, inspired casserole recipes using staples we (and probably you) almost always have around.

The Ugly Secrets of Student Loan Debt

Even if you have a well-paying job and always make your payments, there are still lots of ways student loan debt can keep you from reaching your and your loved ones’ financial goals.

Saturn/AFIP brochure
Saturn Safeguards & AFIP Certification Brochure

In partnership with Saturn, the Association of Finance & Insurance Professionals sent these brochures about our offerings to select personnel at all Saturn dealerships.

Chris Taylor for County Attorney

The copy for this commercial was crafted from Taylor's own writings to ensure it not only represented his values and platform but sounded like him. He won the election and is Tom Green County Attorney to this day (as of 2019).

Housing development
Press Release: Local Builder Takes Community to New ‘Heights’

A press release announcing the opening of a new development by a local homebuilder.

Bowl of salt with spoon
How to Fix Salty Food & Yes, It Really Can Be Done

Plus, the scientific reason the potato trick doesn’t really work (it involves a kitchen sponge and a chemistry lab).

12 Easter Main Dishes for People Who Hate Ham

With Easter coming up, it’s time once again to put on my Google-emblazoned thinking cap and scour the internet for Easter main dishes I can serve in place of my food nemesis: ham.

Website text screenshot
Stealthy tech devices James Bond would be jealous of

Ever wish you could have your very own Q to provide you with nifty mission-specific gadgets? Now you can with a little help from endlessly creative gadget-makers.

Bathroom sink
These 16 places actually have more germs than your toilet

You’d never let your kids play in the toilet, right? What about touching and using these 16 items that are germier than you might think?

Randall Mitsubishi TV Spot

Local powerhouse dealer Randall Mitsubishi was running an offer that was an improved version of their previous President's Day offer.

AFIP Convention ad
AFIP Las Vegas Convention Ad

AFIP affixed special ribbons to the name tags provided to all AFIP Certified financial services personnel in attendance at the industry convention and ran an ad in the convention guide to generate word-of-mouth advertising from people who benefited from the course.